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Created 25-May-13
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Ascent to Vicar Lakes, via Vicar Lakes trail (accessed from Seymour Mainline)Total Distance: 6.62kmTotal Elevation Gain (cumulative): 805mTotal Time: 6 hours, 2 minutes**Includes time for maintenance/installation of hand lines along trail and relaxation at the lake
2012-08-04 - Vicar Lakes - Elevation Profile2012-08-04 - Vicar Lakes - Google Earth 3d Vicar Lakes2012-08-04 - Vicar Lakes - Google Earth 3d2012-08-04 - Vicar Lakes - Google Earth birdseye12012-08-04 - Vicar Lakes - Google Earth birdseye2Doug flanked by The GeneralPutting in a new hand lineAt the Vicar TarnsSome Vicar TarnsApproaching Vicar LakeMt Bishop from Vicar LakesVicar Lakes 1Butterfly 1Butterfly 2Coliseum Mountain from Vicar plateauVicar Lakes 2Vicar Lakes 4Vicar Lakes 3Climb to Vicar Lakes from fish hatcheryPanorama - Vicar Lakes (flickr)

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