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Created 25-May-13
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At Manning Park, follow Heather Trail to Nicomen Peak and returnTotal Distance: 42.05km*Total Elevation Gain (cumulative): 1746mTotal Time: 12 hours, 11 minutes*Personal best for a day hike, 145m short of marathon distance
Trail to Nicomen PeakPanorama - Nicomen viewpoint (flickr)Panorama - summit of Nicomen Peak (flickr)GrouseLooking back at Third Brother-Cousin colMeadowyNicomen Lake and Peak trail junctionNicomen LakeNicomen Peak from final ridgeNicomen Peak summit cairnOn Nicomen RidgeStart of Nicomen RidgeSubalpineTarnThird Brother and CousinViews from Nicomen PeakFirst view of Nicomen PeakClouds2012-09-08 - Nicomen Peak - Elevation Profile2012-09-08 - Nicomen Peak - Google Earth 3d Nicomen Ridge

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