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Created 25-May-13
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Ascent and summit of Iago and Great Bear mountains, via standard Zopkios route Total Distance: TBAkmTotal Elevation Gain (cumulative): TBAmTotal Time: TBA
First view of Iago and Great BearFinal push up IagoAnderson River headwatersLooking back along Iago ridgeThe famous KatieGreat Bear from IagoWeather station Iago-Great Bear colWeather station - Great Bear summitLooking down on Great Bear Snowshed from Great Bear summitYak et al from Great Bear summitFlatiron and Two Bear Ridge from Great Bear summitLooking up the Coquihalla from Great Bear summitBomb HereAvalanche controlBombtram from Great Bear RidgeAnderson River ValleyGreat Bear summit viewsZLA RidgeMy line up Great BearAh, spring

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