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Created 25-May-13
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The annual North Shore Rescue mountain skills workshop, lead this year by ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide Brian Jones (Canada West Mountain School), in the Tantalus Range (based out of ACC's Jim Haberl Hut, Red Tit col).Day 1: Travel Day-Meet in Squamish, -Helicopter flight to Jim Haberl Hut (Red Tit col), -Settle in-Self arrest and snow anchor practiceDay 2: Dione Mountain-Attempt at Dione Mountain - reach next highest point along ridge to south, turn around due to time and another party in gully below final ascent (rockfall concern). Same descent route.Distance: 6.50kmElevation Gain (cumulative): 728mTotal Time: 11 hours, 43 minutesDay 3: Serratus Mountain-Successful summiting of Serratus Mountain, via mixed glacier and rock route on North Face. Same descent route.Distance: 3.46kmElevation Gain (cumulative): 624mTotal Time: 15 hours, more or less on the noseDay 4: Snow Day-Stayed at the hut due to poor weather (winds with sleet and snow)-Rope ascending practice-High angle rope rescue stretcher rigging practice-Practice with different brake systems-Pay respects to fallen comrade Robert McGregorDay 5: Travel Day-Pack up and clean up-Helicopter in hut supplies (propane)-Helicopter flight out
26 - Day 2 - Carefully crossing the Bergschrund27 - Day 2 - Carefully crossing the Bergschrund 228 - Day 2 - Our Ascent Gully29 - Day 2 - Climbing the gully30 - Day 2 - Climbing the gully 231 - Day 2 - Looking down gully from rap station32 - Day 2 - Bolted rap station33 - Day 2 - At the turnaround point34 - Day 2 - Final Pitches to Dione Summit35 - Day 2 - Trying to locate the voices below36 - Day 2 - Downclimbing 3rd and 4th class rock using terrain belays37 - Day 2 - Downclimbing 3rd and 4th class rock using terrain belays 238 - Day 2 - Rappelling down the gully38 - Day 2 - Rappelling down the gully 239 - Day 2 - Recrossing Dione Glacier40 - Day 3 - Roped up and ready to embark41 - Day 3 - Descending Serratus Glacier42 - Day 3 - Contemplating best route up Serratus Glacier to Serratus summit43 - Day 3 - Serratus Glacier crevasses44 - Day 3 - Looking down Serratus Glacier to Cloudy Squamish River Valley

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