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Created 25-May-13
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Ascent and summit of Mt. Outram, via standard routeTotal Distance: 19.38kmTotal Elevation Gain (cumulative): 1867mTotal Time: 8 hour, 2 minutes**4 hours, 20 minutes ascent (first time I have beaten the low end of Matt Gunn's range), 40 minutes on the summit, 3 hours 2 minutes down (we should have ran the last bit)
Panorama - Outram TarnPanorama - Outram SummitStars 1Milky Way and satelliteMilky Way 4Milky Way 3Milky Way 2Stars 2Milky Way 1Doug in the meadowTarnMeadow flowers 4Meadow flowers 3Meadow flowers 2Flower trailMeadow flowers 1Scree slogMt Outram true summitAnderson River GroupCoquihalla and Jim Kelly behind Tulameen

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