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Created 25-May-13
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Via Heather Trail, ascent and summit in sequence of Three Brothers (aka First Brother) Mountain, Second Brother Mountain, Third Brother Mountain, Fourth Brother Mountain Total Distance: 31.04kmTotal Elevation Gain (cumulative): 1737mTotal Time: 10 hours on the nose
14 Meadow15 Trail through wildflowers16 Getting closer to Three Brothers17 Meadow enroute to Three Brothers18 Looking back on final ridge to Three Brothers19 Three Brothers summit from a little further along the ridge20 Summit of Three Brothers (aka First Brother) Mountain21 Second Brother and ridge to Third Brother from First Brother22 Mellow ridgewalk to Second Brother23 Summit of Second Brother Mountain24 Unnamed lakes below Second Brother25 Third Brother from Second Brother26 Meadowy col between Second and Third Brother27 Wildflowers28 Wildflowers on the slopes of Third Brother29 Wildflowers30 The lushest of greens50 Butterfly31 Summit of Third Brother Mountain32 Fourth Brother from Third Brother

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