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Created 25-May-13
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Ascent and summit of Storm Mountain, via Phacelia Creek.Total Distance: 27.08kmTotal Elevation Gain: 1841mTime: 14 hours, 10 minutes**includes 1 hour lounging on summit
Long exposure nightEvening rays on CurrieDawn on In-SHUCK-chSolar powered creek thing 1Solar powered creek thing 2Bear printLooking back down Phacelia Creek valleyReflection PeakLooking up the valleyLower slopes of PhaceliaBeginning ascent up Storm MountainPhacelia from part way up StormPanorama - Phacelia from part way up StormUpper reaches of Phacelia Creek valleyFirst view of Storm Mountain from ascentNE flank of PhaceliaAbout to gain the colStorm Mountain from the colClimbing the final ridgeAlastair contemplates the views

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