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Crevasse rescue practice on Warren Glacier, approach via Brohm RidgeTotal Distance: 8.88kmTotal Elevation Gain (cumulative): 622mTotal Time: 11 hours
Looking up Brohn RidgeNS6 - KnucklesStarting up Brohm RidgeSquamish from Brohm RidgeLooking down Brohm RidgeLooking up moraine up to Warren GlacierLooking down Brohm Ridge from moraineLooking down Brohm Ridge from moraine 2On the glacier 1Warren GlacierOn the glacier 2Looking towards the Garibaldi Lake areaOn the glacier 4On the glacier 3Zoom on Guard-Deception colBuilding a T-slot AnchorClouds blowing inMy turn in the crevasse 1My turn in the crevasse 2My turn in the crevasse 3

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